Individual architectural projects


We’re a group of creative, passionate and ambitious designers who are always on the lookout for a new design challenge. We’ve been working together since 2008 to fulfil your dreams and expectations of creating the space around you. If you are looking for someone to help you create an individual design and carry it from the idea phase all the way to completion, then CREATE is the right choice for you. We treat every design individually and with our utmost attention. We can help at any level of involvement up to and including full management of the project including:
:: architecture and urban planning
:: landscape architecture
:: interior design
:: design and industrial design
:: trade design and many more

If, just like us, you care for the aesthetics of space, top quality and good taste, CREATE will help you achieve all of your plans.

Our motto is:
“What we are looking for is depth […] I think that the interesting part of our architecture is its physicality. We aren’t fascinated by the sensual point of view. Architecture is a trade, its construction physics, its weight, its forces! There is, however, an element in our approach to the construction art giving it a sort of finesse. It isn’t about façade or surfaces, but simply the dialogue with the user.”
Winy Maas


Monika Płochocka
Monika Płochocka
Architect MA/062/16

Education: Wroclaw Technical University, Faculty of Architecture,
course: Architecture and Urban Planning (nominated for the SARP prize for the best dissertation of the year)

In the design process I value working with specialists from different trades which helps improve the quality of the project. It is the person, and their feelings and impressions of the surrounding space that I find most important in architecture. That is why I pay a lot of attention to communicating with the client to ensure I fully understand their needs and expectations.

Marcin Kasprzak
Marcin Kasprzak
Architect MA/007/14

Education: Wroclaw Technical University, Faculty of Architecture,
course: Architecture and Urban Planning, full construction licence (no limit licence)

Architecture is not just a trade but also a passion. So far I have worked for design studios in Poland and England. My portfolio includes designs of residential, industrial and public use buildings, as well as adapting listed buildings including interior design. I always aim for perfection and try to find the balance between function, form and construction while paying attention to the details. I prefer bold projects and modern approach to architecture.

Małgorzata Perycz
Małgorzata Perycz
Interior designer

Education: Warsaw University, school of physics,
course: biophysics

Art and interior design are my passion. I am fascinated by ergonomic and aesthetic space design while using the latest technology. I like to experiment with new colour combinations and finding new uses of items and technology. I listen to people and help them live in a more comfortable and beautiful space. I travel a lot and am always looking for new inspiration. I run art workshops and want to share my passion while showing people that we can use everything that surrounds us to create something beautiful. The only thing that limits us is our imagination.

Aleksandra Tołwińska
Aleksandra Tołwińska
Landscape architect

Education: SGGW University in Warsaw,
course: Landscape Architecture,
specialised in landscape planning and design

I am creative, ambitious and open to new design challenges. I have an individual approach to every project and always give it my full attention. I strive to be punctual, reliable and detailed. I like to share my knowledge and am always up to date with the latest trends and technology. I am not indifferent to the concept of aesthetics that I use creating a new green dimension.

Maciej Tołwiński
Maciej Tołwiński
Painter, collage artist, on a daily basis works as a graphic designer for Panoramix Ltd.

Education: Podlaska Academy University in Siedlce,
course: pedagogics with art

I create diaries that comment everyday life that are full of irony, distance and humour. God didn’t give me a musical talent, so I express my emotions through painting, drawing and collage. When painting I record thoughts, everyday life and important moments.